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Senova Technology Co., Ltd. is a biomedical technology company focusing on pharmaceutical raw materials and health products established in 2016. The headquarter of the company is based in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with a drug R & D Center (GLP) in Hangzhou and a large-scale commercial production plant in Shaanxi (obtaining FDA eir certificate). After five years of rapid and stable development (annual sales growth rate of more than 35%), the company has developed a stable customer base in the Middle East / Japan and South Korea / Southeast Asia / Europe and the United States and has occupied a major share in the market segments in the fields of hypoglycemic drugs / antiviral drugs / anticancer drugs. The company has also successively obtained ISO9001 certificate, national high-tech enterprise (certificate obtained in 2022), and other qualifications, It is striving to become a new international pharmaceutical company with characteristics and potential in Dawan district with a vigorous development trend.

To explore emerging markets and new businesses, Senova Technology is looking for talents from society and campus. The specific positions are as follows:

I. Overseas Sales Representative / foreign trade salesman

Job description:

1. Bachelor degree or above in Pharmacy / Chemistry/biology, CET6 or above in English (with certificate), good at listening, speaking, reading, and writing;

2. preferred those who graduate majoring in international trade or English, working experience and background in pharmaceutical biology and chemistry;

3. Be able to adapt to frequent overseas business trips, exhibitors, and customer visits;

4. Graduates of other majors who are very interested in the export development of pharmaceutical related products (they are required to have a solid foundation in English, and students majoring in minor languages are preferred);


Base salary 5000-8000 / month (depending on the interview) + sales commission (according to the company's specific commission scheme)

II. Trade documentary

Job description:

1. College degree or above in pharmacy/chemistry or English or international trade, CET4 or equivalent in English (with certificate);

2. Working experience in pharmaceutical biochemistry is preferred;

3. Understanding the basic terms of international trade and being able to operate an independent letter of credit is preferred;

4. Need to follow up order operation, shipment, contact freight forwarder, customs declaration operation, etc;

5. Have a highly responsible and careful working attitude

6. Experienced and pioneering merchandisers have the opportunity to turn into sales positions


Base salary 5000-7000 / month (depending on the interview) + company performance bonus and dividend at the end of the year

III. intern position (reserved employees of the company)

Intern positions are reserved employees of the company, which be deployed in several positions of the company.

Job description:

1. Reserve of operation specialist: handle the basic work of the company's Administration/personnel/finance, understand the operation basics of office software, and have a college degree or above;

2. Foreign trade documentary reserve: handle all matters of the company's export business, including shipment booking, customs declaration, letter of credit audit and other related work, college degree or above, English level CEP 4 or equivalent, proficient in office software and written operation in English, and those with excellent foreign trade documentary will be considered for business training;

3. Procurement specialist reserve: major in Chemistry / Pharmacy/biology, deal with the company's procurement business, college degree or above, English level CEP 4 or equivalent, proficient in office software and written operation in English


Those who perform well during the internship will be directly transferred to full-time employment upon the expiration of the internship and enjoy the treatment of regular employees of the company.


Working hours: 5 days a week / national legal holidays

Welfare benefits: social security / provident fund / group construction of the company / physical examination / annual tourism activities

Interested parties please contact~

Tel: 1576065569 

Email: info@senovatech.com

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