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CMO/CDMO Services

Scope: advanced INT and INT grade API
Specialized: 10-100kg level challenging projects, high quality products, difficult reaction products
Capacity: 10-100lt pilot plant, 1000-5000lt reactors INT plant
Example: NIBs' API+INT, orphandrug INT, hot projects
Model: CMO, CDMO and INT+Tech transfer+support service
Scope: In-house + Required Projects on INT supply+API process develop&improvement
Specialized: Stable high quality on INT, stable ICH quality + cost-effective API process service, IMPs supporting, known polymorph co-study
Capacity: 3-5 steps INT supplying, 3-5 steps GMP process development service + IMP study
Model: INT supplier or sourcing + API process supporting
Example: NIBs project, orphan drug projects, some special bulk level API